Build Team Application

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Name: Freddie Abbas Hamza Al-Sheikh the First
Minecraft Username: Lewis10x (gifted account)
Discord: Niggablaster
Age: 17
Timezone: +1


What role are you applying for?: It would appear that I am applying for
the order known as the Build Team, yes.

What experience do you have with roleplay?: Well I've been playing Minecraft
for close to ten years, so as much as any other person I guess.

What experience do you have with MC-GOT?: The server hasn't exactly been
made public yet, so none, it seems.

What experience do you have with moderation?: Was mod on a couple servers years ago.

What are your strengths and how can they apply to MC-GOT?: Very social person, and I like to
think I am an adequate builder.

What are your weaknesses and how can you minimise their impact on your ability to staff?:
I don't believe I have any, none that would be relevant for this line of work.
However if I do possess any, they would have little effect as I do
adapt well to any situation.

How many approximate hours can you dedicate per week?:

Many. More than the required minimum of 20.